It’s All About the Testimonials for Your Business

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Word of mouth is one of the best (and free!) ways you can market your business. And what better way to share word of mouth than through customer testimonials?

Testimonials can be one of the most effective ways to market your business. So how do you go about getting them from your customers?

feedbackOne way is to send an email to your current customer list asking them for feedback. Be upfront about how their feedback will be used, and mention that you’d like to include their name, company name and a website link (if you’re feeling generous). A lot of businesses are more inclined to share feedback when they know they’ll be highlighted, with a link on your website.

Another thing you can do is provide a survey link in your emails to customers. For example, when you send a “Thank You for Your Order” email or the final product to a client (if you’re a designer), include a link to a survey and ask them if they’d take a few moments to share their comments. If you can, offer a chance to win 10% off their next order or some other incentive – you’ll see a sharp increase in respondents.

Some customers will offer feedback without request – via email, social media or another means. Respond to their feedback thanking them and ask if it can be used on your website. Most will happily agree.

Once you’ve compiled a nice list of testimonials, post them on your website. And be sure they are given prominence – preferably in the main navigation of your site. If you don’t want to use the word “Testimonial,” you can use “Clients” as I do on my website.

Don’t underestimate the power your customer testimonials can have on a prospective customer. Often times it is their words – and not yours – that sways them to become a paying customer.

Business Operations Manual in Action

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om and heather for newsletterOne of the things I love most about working with the amazing designer, Heather Garrett, is our shared vision for her (and one that I hold for all of my clients)- to build an awesome business that serves customers well, runs efficiently, and allows the owner the freedom to live the life they want.

Heather embodies all of this now. She recently told me “I take many Fridays off and vacation more than I ever have. I am enjoying my business so much more and I am helping clients in a bigger way, but my business doesn’t run my life anymore” and, along with her newly discovered freedom, her business is more profitable.

She has been a rock star client because she quickly implements what we work on together. She has reached most of her 3-year vision for her life and business in only 11 months– a more efficient, profitable business, more freedom, and a complete Operations Manual so everyone on her team knows and follows the systems that make her company so successful.

If you missed it yesterday, go check out my blog post: “Why you MUST Create an Operations Manual to Get to the Next Level” to understand its real value to you.

Strategy Session

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allnetsHad a live Strategy Session with entrepreneur, Steve McRae and his Operations Manager, Rhonda Manns last week. Steve’s newest venture is a Professional Basketball League for men 5’10” and under. Our focus in this live Strategy Session was their New Potential Client System- how they will attract and enroll new clients- in this case, sponsors! It’s just one small piece of larger, step-by-step Operations Manual that we will develop with them over the year.

Both Steve and Rhonda, serial entrepreneurs, have invested in Excelerated Success for their other businesses. We are grateful to have them back again!

To learn more about developing YOUR New Potential Client System, please contact us at

Client Strategy Session

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kathyandcraytableMark and I thoroughly enjoyed our live Strategy Session with clients Kathy and Cray Gunn. They own a marvelous, rapidly growing building and design company in the Chapel Hill/Durham/Carrboro area of North Carolina.

They have invested in us for a second year. Our focus this year is“Get that Operations Manual Up and Running!” And as we flesh out and document all the systems in their business, we are also honing in on how their focus and their team’s focus needs to shift as they grow, tracking and strengthening their effective marketing strategies, revising their 3 year vision, and discussing their long term exit strategy.

Do you know your exit strategy? You need to. Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your business when you are ready to move onto something else or retire? If you don’t have an exit strategy in place you may not be able to sell it at all. Read this post for some tips to get you started.

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