The Critical Shift for Small Business Owners

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bizhelpWe have learned over the years that the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs tend to make is clinging to the “I can do it all myself” belief.  

And then it’s “Okay, I need some help- but not TOO much help.”

And it’s a process of shifting to the awareness of “What I really need is ample help so I can run an efficient, effective business with less of me AND I can focus my attention where I really shine in my business”.

That is the shift that changes everything for the better.

Biggest Mistake of an Entrepreneur

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I can do it all on my own. I don’t need help.

Nothing is farther from the truth if you want the best results. Michael Jordan needed a coach to excel. So do I. And so do you :)

3 Tips to Streamline Your Initial Client Care System

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When a person decides to work with you as a new client, it’s something to celebrate.

But it also involves some follow-up work – such drawing up a contract, sending initial paperwork, gathering signatures, and letting the client know what to expect from working with you.

Here are three tips to ensure this entire process run more efficiently for both you and your new client:

forms-completion-300x1571)    Always use a contract for any business dealings. Have a pre-made contract ready to go for each of your service packages. Have your lawyer review all versions of the contract to ensure the language will protect your business interests in the event of a dispute.

2)    Mark the places on the contract that will be customized for each client. This might include the client’s name, business information, the financial arrangement, and the nature of the work. Be sure to provide the client with specific information about what they can expect when they work with you.  Save a copy of this document.

3)    Streamline the process of obtaining signatures. With services like EchoSign, you no longer need to fuss with fax machines, print out lots of paper, or use a scanner to make copies of signed documents. Both parties can sign quickly and easily sign contracts online.  Implement a “follow-up system” with an assistant so all the necessary paperwork is signed, returned and saved.

Follow these steps and your initial client care systems will run much smoother.

Two Little Words to Augment Small Business

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There are two little words in the English language that are often overlooked.  And they are thank you.  Two additional little words?  Great job.

Appreciation is a fundamental part of personal and professional success.  Whether you’re on the receiving end or you’re the one giving it out. Everyone wants to feel valued.

We often overlook saying these two little words because we assume people know how we feel.  While that may work personally, it doesn’t work professionally.

Your team members need to know when they are doing a good job.  When their hard work is validated, it rejuvenates them and provides the motivation they need to keep being a strong part of your team.  When employees don’t get positive reinforcement, they can feel unappreciated, unnoticed, and that their work doesn’t matter.

Employee dissatisfaction can peak when you don’t share positive feedback and you can lose valuable members of your team.  Don’t let that happen – take a few moments today and show your team members some appreciation.  You’ll be glad you did.


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