Qualities of a Good Operations Manual

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In order to serve your team well, an operations manual needs to:

  • Clarify roles and duties pertaining to specific tasks, while providing team members with detailed information that helps them do their jobs well.
  • Be comprehensive, yet not overbearing – it should contain important details, but not so much that your team feels bogged down.
  • Eliminate the need for team members to ask you basic questions.
  • Be regularly updated so that obsolete information is removed, and new procedures are added quickly, ensuring the document remains relevant and fresh.
  • Be well-written and well-organized.
  • Be concise and easy to read – instructions should be clear and straightforward.

omAn Operations Manual is a work in progress, ever-changing as your business evolves. So don’t expect to ever have a “perfect” or a final draft. Keep it updated as you grow, follow it, and your business will function much more efficiently and effectively.


The Top 3 Mistakes That Kill Business Sales

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An Operations Manual is your manual that details the step-by-step procedures and processes in your business. It is essential because it is how your business runs smoothly. It is how your business becomes more effective, efficient, and profitable. And it is how YOU stop feeling crazed and start feeling like you are running a well-oiled machine- that could exist without you.


One of the systems is your New Potential Client System. As you develop and improve that system in your business- here are 3 mistakes you don’t want to make:

Mistake #1 – Jumping in with your offer right away. A mistake many business people make is to sit down with prospects and start selling right out of the gate. The initial conversation should be more about asking questions, determining your prospect’s needs, listening and building rapport than about what you do and how much it costs. Nobody wants to feel your urgency to sell something and everyone appreciates being listened to.

Mistake #2 – Not knowing your responses to their objections ahead of time. When you do present your service or product, know your responses to their objections ahead of time. What are the typical objections to your services? How are you going to overcome those objections with features and benefits? How are you going to convey that your business can overcome their objections better than your competition?

Mistake #3 – Not following up in every situation. You need a clear follow-up plan after every sales/enrollment conversation (unless you decide you don’t want them as a customer). Many people make the mistake of only following up with clients who give firm “yes” answers. Those “maybes” or “not now” people may very well decide to invest with you later… IF you’ve followed up with some excellent resources, tips, new product information, or something of high value.

Avoid these mistakes, create a sales conversation template and step-by-step system, including follow-up, and watch your conversion rate soar.

Business Success Tip: Seeds grow into mighty trees.

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Business Success Tip:  Seeds grow into mighty trees.  Planting a tree isn’t as simple as just digging a hole and throwing the tree in it. If you want the tree you’re planting to survive and thrive, you must nurture it.  The same can be applied to starting a business.   Nurture your seeds of ideas into something bigger.


Any Business Can Benefit From Using Systems

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Bria working with Walker and his team

I loved our live Systems Mastermind Meeting with Walker Harris, a prominent builder of luxury homes.  Like many business owners, Walker thought there was no way we could create project management systems in his business.  He was convinced his business is way too customized to turn into a system.

Low and behold, with Mark and myself and his team, we came up with a step-by-step plan for how they will build houses from now on.  Sure, there are lots of steps!  But we’ve taken what was in Walker’s brain and put it on paper.  The results will allow him to delegate a LOT more to others, get more freedom in his life AND become a lot more profitable at the same time.   

You can build more houses, and produce more of anything, when you have systems in place that other people can run for you.  The key is knowing when you need to be a part of the system and when you don’t.  

Our next steps are creating client care and other services for his business.

It was fun!  The best part for me is helping people get their lives back.  When we started coaching together, Walker could not list many hobbies he enjoys.  Now he has eight hobbies that he is regularly working into his life now or plans to in the near future.  Priceless.

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