Why My Client Signed On For a Third Year

It’s heartwarming to me when clients invest in our coaching services a second or even a third year in a row.  It’s the best indicator for me that they know how good the return on their investment is.  And, yes, that matters immensely to me.  I can see it but my real reward is when I know they see it themselves.

In this case, when I asked her why she wanted to return a third year, she said it’s because she knows she needs me to help her expand her vision and figure out her path to get there.  Without our services, she says she would not have had the courage to “get out there” in the ways she needs to.  As a solo entrepreneur, “getting yourself out there” is imperative.  Even if you feel uncomfortable about building your business (as so many do)- there is always a way to do it that is within your comfort zone.  It’s just a matter of brainstorming, evaluating what is working in this economy, setting a plan, and having someone hold you accountable.

Thank you Martha for your third year!  It’s such a joy to work with you and watch as you just get better at what you do and bolder with how you do it.

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