benefits of working one on one with a coach

The Power of a Full Day Together

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Mark and I just spent an amazing day with a consultant, Dawn Losinger. She is smart, decisive, and eager to get her business rockin! (Our favorite type of client). She is also witty, lots of fun, and shares our vision of success – to create highly profitable businesses that also allow plenty of time to live your values and enjoy your life.

In 6 hours together, we created her core message, unveiled her tagline and unique brand, started her marketing systems, created her programs, and crafted both her 3-Year Business Vision and her 90 day goals.  She left a new woman – ready to take off. (She also just told us, based on our day together, she wants to enroll in a year-long coaching and consulting program with us).

If you’d like to hear what she has to say, click here.

Even though the majority of our clients are established business owners, Mark and I still love helping highly motivated entrepreneurs who want to start new businesses and make them as profitable and efficient as they possibly can be – within the first 12 months.

We also just enjoyed 2 weeks biking, hiking and rafting in Colorado and are on our way to Canada soon with our three kids. I hope you are enjoying your business, your summer, and your lifestyle, as well.